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Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams

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Life is an incomplete package,

incomplete without dreams,

Dreams to die for.

Dreams provide you strength,

to move forth.

Just a visualization,

gives you the realization

that what you can be,

irrespective of your circumstances.

Dreams make you live,

live life fully,

Make you do the tasks impossible

and risky.

But dreams aren't dreams,

Dreams are to be lived.

With eyes open,

feet on the ground,

and mindset, heartset, soulset and healthset on work.

So identify a dream of yours,

dream that gives you


leaves you speechless,


different feeling all together.

Whatever the gap is,

Between you and your dream.

Whatever others may say,

Love it.

Preserve it.

Work monomaniacally for it.

Because dream is,

"Heaven on earth"


Fight with the world.

So that your dream doesn't die.

At least you can say on your deathbed

"Finally I am dying with my dreams fully lived."

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