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The Wrong Shame

The Wrong Shame

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I was afraid of falling for 

That muslim boy 

Who regularly shared his lunch

With that poor kids 

Outside our school,

Not because I loved him any less

But because I was worried

How my mother would react

When she knew 

My priority was people 

Before religion, unlike hers

I was also ashamed of

Going to a shop and

Asking for sanitary napkins and panties,

Because I clearly remember how 

The aunty next door, 

Cautiouly looked around to make sure

There was no male hormone near

When asking those

And how she carefully packs

Them in a newspaper and leave like a thief

Instead, I was not embarassed

When my relatives

Casually comments about

How I was too small for my age

That boys hated girls with small boobs

And how I was supposed to be married soon

And make my husband happy

I smile at those beautiful words of concern

Regarding my different body parts and

How they affect my future.

Aaah Alas!!!

The world have mixed it all up

And we are blamed

Even when it was matched all wrong

We have been taught to

Feel wrong for the right

And right for the wrong

And I wonder where it would all end

Coz we can't now tell between 

The light and the night

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