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Bedagrani Saha



Bedagrani Saha


The Untold Story Of Her Rain..

The Untold Story Of Her Rain..

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She said, she loves rain but scared of being drenched!

She said, Rain is beautiful but her emotions become louder with each drop!


On a sunny day, she said rain is happiness but when it starts raining, few drops roll out from the almond-shaped eyes!


She said She wants to feel the rain within herself with all over it. But, when it starts raining, she tries to shut her window!   


 Her love for rain is the emotions of her many more untold stories. Which she always wants to open.

 but scared of being downhearted again!   

This blueness in her eyes is looking for unspoken reasons!


She might have multiple reasons like bubbles of raindrops behind these uncanny & untold stories of rain!


Maybe the bird sitting on her window all wet and waiting eagerly to meet her soulmate?

Or is it for the spider who builds up her dream web behind the big old green leaf but suddenly all vanished with the raindrops?     


Or it is the reason that the raindrops she wanted to grasp within her plums but never could do so!


Or sometimes with all these uncanny reasons keeping aside, while seeing the happy faces of these yellow dancing flowers within the rain maybe her soul could endure the reasons behind the rain love!

Love is all about these mixed feelings or it's just all about the never-ending untold stories.

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