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Vijay Likhite

Drama Inspirational


Vijay Likhite

Drama Inspirational

The Small Little Dream

The Small Little Dream

2 mins 293 2 mins 293

From Kashmir to Assam, It is our Hindustan

But our entire family has to share a small room in one chawl.

There are so many buildings in Mumbai, Thousands of flats in every township

But how can we afford them when builders are demanding crores of rupees

Our parents worked so hard through their lives, with aim of giving us better education

To enable us to win the most difficult fight of cut-throat competition

They have gulped many a dose venomous

Taking them as nothing but innocuous

Their aspiration of a better way of life, we are pursuing

With hard work and efforts untiring.

We got our degrees, in IT, hoping to get placements in big companies

But as luck shifts its focus, the big firms started shrinking

Those firms which used to pick up candidates in thousands

Have come down to selecting only a few in tens.

How will we get employment with a good salary?

When will we be able to change our level of living?

When will we leave the present dwelling

Where essential facilities are shared with many families

 To enter a self-contained apartment of our own?

No. No. We are not frustrated. On the contrary, we are charged up.

Come what the situation may be, we will fight tooth and nail.

Maybe we will succeed in a start-up industry,

The internet making the whole world a local market and tiny.

We will certainly triumph, and accomplish our parents’ dream.

With our own house, parents will see our level shifting.

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