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Nidhi Parashar Wadhawan

Drama Inspirational


Nidhi Parashar Wadhawan

Drama Inspirational

The Land So Divine

The Land So Divine

1 min

Where each heart surges with pride, 

There are innumerable instances of valour and might,

Each monument has a unique story to tell,

Where each obstacle is taken in its stride...

A nation so great whose religion is humanity,

Where each individual believes in selfless charity,

The homeland to love, sacrifice and care,

Its rich culture and traditions, boast of its prosperity...

Where guests are welcome with open arms,

One helps the other without any qualms,

The sacred thread of belief binds one and all,

Limitless are its offerings and charms...

Its rich topography enchants us all,

Its picturesque landscape has no parallel at all, 

Each valley and stream resonates its glory,

Where all are alike, none greater, none small...

Where each home boasts of the brave it bears,

Where heroes exist without capes and have no fear, 

Where minds are free and souls are pure,

A nation as such, towards greatness, does steer...

My motherland, oh the land so divine,

To parallel your greatness, innumerable nations pine,

You are an epitome of all that is desirable,

You are a paradise - one of its kind...

I am forever indebted to you for the blessings you bestow on me,

Oh, the creator of my identity- may our existence forever remains entwined...

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