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The Fearless And The Courageous

The Fearless And The Courageous

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Whenever there  is injustice on this earth,

A fearless and courageous person takes birth,

For one thing, I will always know,

That I cannot ever let go,

For I have to be fearless and bold.

Or else they will reach my threshold.

They will threaten me with their violence.

They feel, by this act they can buy my silence,

But I am not alone in this fight for justice, the people are with me.

For in their madness in hurting me, they don't see,

That you and I and all of us, are now one collective we.

Draupadi the great queen was lost in a game of dice,

Amidst cheating deceit and lies.

Everybody in the assembly became deaf, no one heard cries,

And for this insult, her perpetrators paid a terrible price.

Sita the ideal queen, and the great king Rama's wife,

Ravan abducted her paid with his life.

For Ravan finally died, but understood only then,

That he lay dead because he  hurt a blemishless woman.

Taking a leaf out these great women's life, I too shall battle, 

Where I shall not be like the driven cattle,

I shall fight for what is my right until I win, I shall be bold,

I shall fight them, till they leave my home and my threshold.

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