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Shukr Usgaokar



Shukr Usgaokar


The Doctor

The Doctor

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A short tribute to all those who are risking their lives to save ours.

The origin of life is shrouded in mystery,

Attributable to God or to nature.

But whoever be the creator, we can safely agree

That the saviour of life is the doctor.

The power to heal he has acquired

Through years of practice and experience.

But his innate courtesy unfailingly ensures

That patients feel better in his mere presence.

On his professional ethics, he has never compromised.

Waived his fee for those who can’t afford.

For the satisfaction of lessening a person’s pain

Is for any doctor, he believes, the best reward.

Handling both with consummate ease,

Nerve-racking surgeries or simple ailments.

Remaining calm in the worst of circumstances,

To provide to all the best treatment.

People flock to him from near and far.

The respect he commands cannot be compared.

But even today if you enter his clinic,

A cheerful face will always be there.

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