Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

The Difficult Departure

The Difficult Departure

2 mins

Two days after our wedding

I got a call to get back to my duties.

You looked at me 

And you figured it out from my face.

Smiling with pride

And of course, the fear shielded within it

You came to me and hugged me.

You understood my urge to stay back

And not leave you

But you respected my priorities.

Well, the sadness filled the room

But couldn't approach me 

As you protected me from all the sides.

I packed my stuff as you were helping me

And of course my books

And the diary that you gave me

To write all my deep and weird secrets in it.

While walking out of the door

I saw it

'The brave you'

Even though I wasn't going for a war.

The feeling of your hand in mine 

And the sense of interlaced fingers

Were beyond every fear.

You made sure to not leave my hand

Until I left my worries behind

And so I had to,

Pretend to, leave behind.

As my car moved past our house

You jumped and waved at me.

I still have that image of yours in my mind

Waving at me in your maroon t-shirt.

I thought that it was the most difficult departure of my life.

And then here we are 

Meeting each other after five months

Because video calls and messages cannot compensate for everything.

Finally here we are

Just few metres apart.

As I am walking towards you 

I am still deciding

What is more appealing

Whether it's just you or your ways or your uniform.

Hugging you after so long 

Fills me with contentment.

The way you hold me 

With utmost delicacy and intimacy

Makes me kiss you forgetting the world.

Even with your aviators on,

I can see the depth of your emotions.

Stupidly, I keep on asking you

What are you looking at 

And you just say

"Let me admire you

While the time forgets its nature."

And as I looked at you and your wholehearted smile

My passion for you was satiating

But then I realized

Last time wasn't the most difficult departure.

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