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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ekta Singh Chandel



Ekta Singh Chandel


Yes, I Bleed!

Yes, I Bleed!

2 mins

As I turned thirteen

One day, my mother triumphed with joy

And I was declared a queen.

A queen with no crown

But the red reasons that made me feel down.

My mom said, 

"You are blessed

It is the privilege that you have.

As you are a girl, it is written in your name

It isn't any shame

Yes, we bleed but we can't claim

Because people could call it feminism 

Or maybe just give the name of fame!"

One day as I walked to the temple

Seeing a bleeding woman

Though a human

Laughed and said the fortuity of superstitions,

"Go back dear woman.

No one will praise your devotion!"

I went back to my home

Sat my dad and next to him - my bro.

As the newspaper blocked their faces

And the riots blocked their mind

A pain inside me was making loud noise.

Hurriedly I said, "Dad..."

But unfortunately, louder were the riots 

I was shushed and taught to be quiet.

One day in the school

As I stood up from the stool,

Running came my friend

"Sit! Sit! Sit!"

She whispered, "Ekta there's STAIN!"

Others followed, "Sit someone will see it!"

CONCERNED, they weren't about the stain

But the eyes which could feel ashamed.

Ashamed, my foot!

How can you forget that these are your holy roots!

My dad, my brother, my male friends

No one ever asked me how it really felt.

Confused I was 

My pain never learnt to unveil its powers and thoughts.

But somewhere in the drawer

My diary echoed bravery

As it unveiled a book under it 

That read -

"Yes, I Bleed and It's My Honour!"

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