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Shikha Mishra

Drama Romance


Shikha Mishra

Drama Romance

The Blissful Experience

The Blissful Experience

2 mins 187 2 mins 187

Life is beautiful, but it becomes a more beautiful adventure when you get a chance to spend someone "Special" in your life.

Their presence in your life gives a new direction to your life

And what becomes more interesting is if it's love at first sight.

You don't believe in it until you get to experience this blissful feeling by yourself.

Love is a different beautiful, magical world, where everything seems so perfect and beautiful.

And the best thing is even if you don't express your feelings by your words

Eyes become your messenger, and even though you don't realise how beautifully they convey what you experience.

That even you would not realise how truly you love that person.

Love, at first sight, has its magical charm; it flutters you with happiness.

You can feel the presence of that person everywhere near you 

Your heart beats faster by mere remembrance of that "Special One."

And even without your knowledge, that person lives deep down in your heart.

All your heart and mind can think about is the "Special One."

As if they both got trapped and hypnotised by the magic of love

It may feel strange, how can you experience this blissful feeling for a mere stranger 

But your heart knows it's no stranger but pretty much part of you.

When that special one meets you for the first time

You know, that feeling you experience at that very moment 

 You have never felt this for anyone in your life 

And every heartbeat of yours put a stamp on your feelings for that person.

Even though you lose yourself to them, yet you'll eventually find yourself.

That's the magic of love at first sight where you realise,

What were you missing in your life till now before their presence,

And it just takes a fraction of a moment to transfer to the world of love.

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