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Venkatesh R

Abstract Tragedy Others


Venkatesh R

Abstract Tragedy Others

The Beast

The Beast

3 mins

The stylist smoker, the manly cowboy.

The conceivable drunker.

Mr perfect with a well-built body.

The stud who mysteries with the scent of manhood.

The macho man, the guardian of the family.

A spirit, unbreakable by any hurricane of emotions.

Men will be men. 

What the society communicates!

The personalities of the rogues

Gets manipulated in delicate childhood,

Where a female enjoys satire and staking becomes part of epic love.

Men will be men. 

What the media communicates!

Delighting portraits and creative articulation, with age being just a number are the traits of men in name of freedom.

Gentleness in treatment, by prevailing fakeness, while the devil wears a mask through his dominance.

Men will be men. 

What the gossip communicates!

Misogynists, patriarchy, feminists, and at times activists enlighten the darkest souls of society.

As men will be men.

Lethal attraction and continued obsession are prevalent features of men characterized in media and society in the name of fact.

Men will be men, 

a never-ending statement!

Men can be men when boys are taught,

With gentleness, where empathy matters more than grades or looks.

Men can be men when boys are allowed to sob, where emotions reduce the gender gap.

Men can be men, when boys are raised, in a way, their opposite genders need not be treated, as per the norms they witnessed in their society and childhood.

Men can be men, by accepting it's alright to be brittle. Where his words can be listened to, without judgment.

A male raised from a woman in the evolution of life, does a strand of DNA create the difference?

Men have evolved and have evolved as women continue to conquer 

their obstacles.

The differential, plunder of emotions, can be etched, by promising phrases of responsibility to parents, ethical media, and society. 

Men are a race who express emotions in different forms at times with silence, at times with confusion, and at times lacking ebbs of words due to their traits which are often misunderstood as they are still aliens towards other genders.

But they are not emotionless beasts.

The retorts of all, are not the same. 


Activities of a few stray hounds, don't represent an entire gender.

Men can be men.

By choosing the right role model, with ethics and fairness by relying on heart, and soul by overcoming trauma and history.

Men do go through hardships and battles in silence due to stigma.

Let the screaming boy, buried for epochs be liberated, by the crust of the new age family and self-parenting.

Good and bad deeds existed in humans across time and gender.

Time changes, gender evolves, 

So do our roles and responsibilities. 

Stop stereotyping, be it at home be it in the media, or be it a global spotlight.

Let men be men, 

by letting them feel secure in modern times.

Let men be men, by showing compassion towards themselves and others, as they evolve.

The life experience is diverse, there are awful people, but not a dreadful gender.

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