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Chiranjib Mazumdar

Drama Tragedy Classics


Chiranjib Mazumdar

Drama Tragedy Classics

The Age Of Garbage

The Age Of Garbage

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There was once the stone age,

Then came the bronze age,

Then the iron age!

Then came the age of garbage!

If you think this is some kind of joke,

And I am a crazy bloke,

Think again and look around,

Can you see filth surround?

Broken pieces of computers,

Remnants of car tyres,

Nearly headless Barbie doll,

Or a deflated football?

Burnt oil and sewage,

Burnt cigarette wastage,

Used napkins and decayed lotion,

And things I wouldn't mention!

These are merely some of the artifacts,

Scattered helter-skelter, byproducts of human acts!

Natural beauty is at the mercy,

Of the whims and fancies of the human journey!

Our oceans are suffocating,

With marine life suffering,

Partly due to the oil spills,

And partly due to irresponsible thrills!

Dolphins often wash up dead,

With electronic chips embedded,

Inside their digestive tract,

Innocent creatures had no idea it was human's careless act!

Seagulls show up dead,

Suffocating near their end,

Postmortem reveals death due to 

garbage like undigested plastic,

What could be more tragic!

And yet nothing does change!

Every year tons of filth emerge!

Humans compose prose and poems,

And express sorrow through art forms!

While millions around the world continue to indulge,

In spreading filth and garbage deluge!

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