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DevaDas Menon



DevaDas Menon


The Abused Child

The Abused Child

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She looks at them in pain,

Her eyes filled tears she says, I was Raped.

Again and Again, always abused.

Can you take away my pain?

The agony,the fears, the nightmare;

Or am I object to be displayed?

You want the world to know my story;

In all its horror and glory,

The gory details for your ratings,

She screams, see what they did to me,

She strips her dress to stand naked;

Amidst them, showing them her frail body.

Show the world my scars, my pain, my agony.

They turn their faces away too scared,

To witness their own failings,

How far would you go to show the despair,

The suffering of an abused girl,

On your channels, repeatedly, adnauseum

How far would you go is the question?

The answer lies with you.

The girl walks away her head held high.

The pack too move away, unable,

To understand who is more ashamed?

The child who was raped and abused.

Or they who came to report the show.

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