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Siddhi Bhattad

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Siddhi Bhattad

Romance Others

That Night

That Night

1 min 196 1 min 196

I was tucked inside my blanket 

in a tent of my terrace. 

He messaged, "Can I call you?" 

And the next moment my phone rang. 

I was so hesitated to receive the phone, 

was conscious if my voice was fine or not. 

Under the dark sky, 

I talked to him as a strange classmate. 

He tried matching his opinions with mine. 

He took things smoothly. 

My straight face started smiling

so brightly like a moon between those dark clouds. 

The breeze on my face made me blush even more. 

My heart was happy when his voice became soothing. 

I revealed my past, my worries to him. 

His respond to them seemed to be my shield.

Meanwhile, I saw a cat on the ground

maybe this good omen is a new beginning. 

After those 100 minutes, bade each other obligatory. 

We knew we could've made it longer. 

I hid under the blanket the entire night, 

thinking about him with a stupid smile. 

Definitely we were more than strangers. 

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