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Siddhi Bhattad

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Siddhi Bhattad

Inspirational Others



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It is the time of lockdown again. 

Fear, anxiousness and the virus is all around. 

Risky it is to roam free. 

Not only the infected are disturbed, 

the students' lives, businesses are at stake. 

So much is to worry about. 

But the politicians don't want to adjust. 

Free vaccines to people in West Bengal, 

only if they win! 

So does that mean if they lose, 

people should die? 

Wearing masks is an obligation to common people.

Surprisingly, not the home minister. 

For the increase in cases of Maharashtra, 

the CM is blamed. 

Why not the PM for the rallies, 

Kumbh mela and shortage of vaccines? 

Politics still doesn't stop at this crisis.

All we need is help, sir. 

We don't have enough oxygen, 

enough beds or vaccines.

Taking this serious and precautions 

can only save us from consequences. 

So much confusion, so much chaos.

'This too shall pass' is the only hope. 

Take the doses of vaccine, stay at home.

Together we can save our future. 

This will end one day...someday.


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