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Shazia Kazmi


Strange Friendship

Strange Friendship

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One evening, while sitting in my verandah,

Random thoughts started clumsing my mind;

With my eyes full of tears, I looked up at the sky;

Memories of separation flashed in front of my eyes.

Never in my imagination, I had thought about this partition,

From strangers to best friends, I witnessed the journey;

Oh!how adorable their bonding was,

Just like a family, they resided in each other's heart;

But destiny wrote their separation,

They separated their path because of mere confusion;

The beautiful friendship sail landed on a wrecked land,

Leaving behind memories of unbreakable bond;

Suddenly I felt a drop of water on my face,

My thoughts broke in mid, it was going to rain;

I saw a paper boat stucked between the stones,

The rain started willing the boat,

to sail again;

A slight smile came across my face,

The paper boat now sailed with all it's might, passing all hurdles in sight;

I realized that this friendship story has not ended yet,

The best of days are yet to come;

Their hearts still desire for each other company,

Will surely meet at the end of the story...

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