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Sparsh Gupta



Sparsh Gupta


STAIRCASE - A Step Forward

STAIRCASE - A Step Forward

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The stairs emanating from a spot

Reminisces me how we all came from a sole originator

The master of creation, the one who makes the sun-shine and the flora blossom.

I stand here on the terrain striving to know how it would feel like

Upon reaching the pinnacle.

As I start climbing the stairwell,

I sense something attained from this ravishing world, a spark of an eternal interest in thoughts.

Something gloomy is left behind, all the malignant elements that

Cause pain and loathing have been wiped.

The sunlight that reaches me after being penetrated and filtered by these steps

Tell me what I have, what is beyond and is yet to be achieved.

Looking up, I find no end to this

For what is out there to achieve can never be fathomed

Now I realize even sun’s light is not stronger than the light of learning

Retracing my steps from this fascinating world with glimmering eyes

Now I stand with indomitable passion undeterrable to grow and grow.

I manifest a dream, fine-tuning my ideas to unearth the latent potential and explore every possibility inside-out.

At last, I conceive not to settle for less but just flourish.

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