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Sumeet Mahanti



Sumeet Mahanti




2 mins 337 2 mins 337

Speeding through the highway on my car

I savor the beauty of nature on either side;

Greenery all around- meadows on both ends,

I enter a county filled with silence

Meandering through aisles of parked cars,

My mind is transported to the cozy bed that lies ahead

When the serenity of my trance is broken

By the resounding thud on the side of my car

Screeching to a halt to examine the situation,

Anger filling deep into my soul

I see a small boy coming up to me unflinched-

Carrying innocence in the eyes – the fuming ceasing within me

Gathering myself – inquiring the reason for the brusque intrusion,

In response – the boy holding my fingers leads me into an ally;

Pointing to his elder brother who tied to a wheel-chair

Lies sprawled on the road – overturned by a speeding car

Empty is my heart as I hear from the infant

Who needing help to lift his brother up –

Had ceaselessly tried to stop each speeding car – but in vain

Finding no other means – resorting to stoning – to stop a soul – for help

So moved is my soul that I can barely see through my moist eyes

As I pick up his brother putting the overturned chair on steady feet

Helping both to reach their homes where anxious parents await

Humbled I return from the scene to continue my journey-

A message clearly etched in my heart with permanence-

The boy teaching me how God communicates through various means

Whether in whispers or through a stone hurled at us to cease our speed of life-

It is for us to lend our ears to the Voice above – to respond

'Cause it is the Almighty seeking Divine Communion !

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