Something They Say Is Love

Something They Say Is Love

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It starts with lot of confusion,

It could be described as peace, fueled with passion.

Sparks fly in the air when those two people meet,

With shivers one feels the heat.

There are sleepless nights full of dreams,

Feelings of two people are connected by caring seams.

It has tears of joy and smile of sadness,

Adrenaline courses instead of blood, it's complete madness.

Silence has long conversations,

Heart and brain have massive collisions,

It brings out the child in some cases,

It teaches responsibility and, Inspires one through life’s different phases.

It is twisted, complicated and can make you cry,

But still people say it’s worth a try!

When forever are entangled with,

Each-other two beautiful doves;

Something they say is love.

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