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Neelam Kulkarni



Neelam Kulkarni


Soaring High

Soaring High

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The ruthless storm holds no power on me

The sheer suppression holds no grip on me

Life tries hard to tame me

It mercilessly shackles me

Deep down in my heart

Awakens a sudden urge to flee

I then make my soul hold the immortal ground

I caress my survival instinct & life shows me a frown

It hits me again with showers of uncertainty

My soul gets embellished with fierce abrasions

It holds me deep in the darkness of destructions

Its enormous exertion makes my high hopes gasp

I then close my eyes to my near-death experience

I gather all my vigor again & bring back the realization of existence

I command my then wavering mind to not fall in this trap of illusion

It’s just a fictitious world I keep saying

Life is then astonished by my willful assertion

It no more holds any bleak powers on me

A mind becomes what it chooses to be

The greatest of powers manifest deep within

No matter how rigid the games of life remain

Hold on to your heart & don’t let your capacity drain

After a deep dive into the sea of hardships is only when one knows.

Soaring high is the only choice & that is how living goes.

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