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Pratishtha Bhardwaj

Fantasy Others


Pratishtha Bhardwaj

Fantasy Others

Simply A Portrait

Simply A Portrait

1 min 12 1 min 12

Dry and flowing hair

Dark brown, shiny under the sun. 

With fringes that cover

The big-ass forehead, 

Giving a much younger, 

Softer, cuter look to her. 

Thick eyebrows that 

Never need tending to,

Shading the eyes, also dark brown. 

Shining under the moon. 

A strand of her hair

Dances mischievously

Before settling in a curve 

On her left cheek, and his heart. 

Below her straight nose. 

That sometimes flares, 

Due to her mother, or her sinus, 

Are sprouting prickly hair. 

She flinches every time she sees them. 

Her thick lips give her a strange, 

Permanently angry look. 

Until she smiles. 

Her smile spreads, leaving a 

Dip on her right cheek. 

She never knew she was pretty.

She was never told. 

But now, she's smiling at me 

Through the mirror, 

A little uncomfortable with the double chin 

Peaking underneath. 

But my eyes, and toothy smile

Together make an indescribable me. 

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