Purva Joshi

Abstract Romance Fantasy


Purva Joshi

Abstract Romance Fantasy

She Is Just Escaping

She Is Just Escaping

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It's okay, She is alright

She is just escaping

Yes, She is right this moment in a meadow 

Sitting under the cedar tree 

With birds on a branch, singing to her tunes

And although afar I see her calling out to me

Yes, In this very moment She's perched

On the branch of a moon-oak

Shimmering leaves and litten blooms

Under the night’s violet cloak

Yes, She's penning an epic ballad

About her adventures with a knight

Standing atop a fortress, surrounded

Leaving him aghast as she takes flight

Yes, I don't wish to pull her back

Only the most colorful, bright, and ever-changing stories

deserve her delicate, lively, young soul

I only wish someday she would take me

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