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Soumya Harichandan



Soumya Harichandan


She Is His Addiction

She Is His Addiction

2 mins 674 2 mins 674

He loves her, she loves him

Simple, you think?

Wrong it's more complicated than you think.

Because it's a forbidden love.

She is his-


Intentional mistake

Soul's forever desire

Truth untold

Rhythm to heart


Silent pleasure

Some with whom he may not stay forever but loves enough not to leave her ever…

He will always choose his wife over her,

But he can never stop loving her,

Because she is his blissful sin that keeps him alive.

She is his wine in a bottle

That takes so sweet.

No matter how poisonous she is,

She is his addiction,

His heart's delight.

Their life ain't sunshine and rainbows,

They have smoke and mirrors 

To shine their sun and

Colour their rainbows.

Their love ain't a sin,

They aren't sinners,

They are just imprisoned 

In the game of fate and

Lost in the maze of time.

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