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Anikita Verma

Children Inspirational


Anikita Verma

Children Inspirational

She Does So Much As A Mother

She Does So Much As A Mother

1 min

She carried you beneath her heart,

Feeling uncomfortable for weeks,

But was in a comfort for that she seeks.

She gave birth to you through several pains,

That no one can match in terms of gains,

The only day; on your first cry,

She was happy; she grinned with joy.

Nursed you, submersed in you,

Her whole world revolved around you.

She often sneaked into your room at nights,

To make sure you sleep with delight.

She cooked delicious foods for you,

Sometimes even forgetting to eat.

No matter what the whole world thinks of you,

She always believed in you.

She is the one who sacrificed for child,

In front of her child, her love was blind.

Sometimes, her love was overlapped by wrath,

But only few can understand that misery fact!

When you grew as a successful person,

You'll find herself as your reflection.

She is a magic sent by angles,

Who takes us out from all the tangles.

She does so much as a mother,

Than can rarely done by any other.

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