Ride Like A Bossy One

Ride Like A Bossy One

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"Want to ride with the speed of air,

And, feel the breeze cool and fresh,

Started riding since the age of 10,

But, my family stopped me because I was small till then.

The dream that I always lived, 

Was a bullet ride to Ladakh and hills,

Because I was very adventurous,

Since the childhood till my teen.

The craze in me was still breathing,

And my college helped me, to live my dreams,

By announcing the amazing bullet road trip,

But, my family was still against me.

Somehow I convinced my family,

Then, finally they were ready to send me,

I was very very happy,

And, my heart was ready to fly free.

From Ladakh to the Karakoram mountains,

We all went through the Himalayan route,

The mesmerizing Indus river valley,

And, all hills covered with snowy suit.

The bullet road trip came to an end,

But, stamina and enthusiasm was still there,

Because cold Himalayan air increased our capacity to bear,

And all these memories will always be lively, till I am there."

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