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Rosy Gomes



Rosy Gomes


Raksha Forever

Raksha Forever

1 min 16 1 min 16

Laddus and pedas everywhere,

Making me walk here and there.

Waiting to tie my rakhi,

On the wrist of my loving brother,

Who is always full of vigour.

Oh! Raksha Bandhan is today,

With moments of serendipity in the air.

Urging my emotions to wait and watch,

What brother will give me as a token of reward.

All of you are also there,

To relish the delicacies as you are to bear.

Fun and frolic will be our theme,

Not to let it conclude as it seems.

Here I decked up my Raksha Bandhan plate,

With corners as it springs to illuminate.

I simply wait for this sole day,

Which fills up my life to lead in a jovial way.

How grand is this ceremony,

With gleeful moments of joy!

A precious day for all sisters,

Who urge to God and pray for their brothers.

May this day never fade,

And be a joyous one for which it is made.

Here I end with a loving note,

To my brother as you are always there in my hopes.

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