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Anusha Sathia



Anusha Sathia




2 mins 15 2 mins 15

Raindrops steadily tapped on the window,

Soothing my mind from the chaotic whirlwind it so often danced in.

It was one of those afternoons that didn’t feel a waste to do anything.

Lying across the bed, head in my arms, tangled in sheets

As my empty mind + empty gaze rested on the space beyond the window pane.

Two strong hands slide up my body

From my calves to my thighs to my a$$, up to my spine.

I smiled.

Perhaps doing nothing would just have to wait for another time.

For who would dare deny such a lover the satisfaction.

I didn’t move,

But rather let him proceed.

As his kisses softly landed upon my skin,

Sending my body into chills,

+ melting formless into the bed.

Over taken by each call.

Call of my name quietly formed by his lips

Lulling my sweet girl into a blissful craze.

I press my hands into the bed in effort to push myself up,

No sooner did I try, than his hands firmly, yet gently clasped around my wrists to slide me back down.

The sensation of being brought into a surrender felt effortless.

Back into my nothing.

With his hands still holding captive my wrists,

His teeth found my shoulder, taking up some skin.

My face winced in sweet pain to the pressure of his bite.

And as his mouth released, I’m left feeling drugged.

Endorphins flooded my system.

Collapsing my face back down…

P.S: A friend of mine was too shy to share this so I did it for her!

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