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Anne Benita



Anne Benita


Rain Ants...

Rain Ants...

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Dear diary,

Rain, rain, rain,

Poured out the whole night,

Woke up with the chilliness of rain

My fresh day began.

Rain clouds appeared the whole day

Chased the heat in the land

Felt the chillness in water

When I opened the tap.

Rain ants were marching here and there

Kids got disturbed with the ants

Started complaining about it

I sprinkled insecticide over them.

Things went as usual, but, the little

Rain ants were all dead;

Seeing that, my thoughts wavered

About the reality of life.

Little ants learned to march one by one,

Searched food together, saved grain before rain;

Man has to learn from ants

To live together and to give hands.

Cleaned up everything, again evening,

Found another set of ants marching on.

Ahh! I sweeped and throw them out

Before my little ones sees it.

Soul diary,

Rain ants became a part of my day

Today, by teaching to live together.

Fresh thoughts filled my soul,

Ants are still marching in my little garden space. 

Bye dear diary.. 

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