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Rohit Patra

Romance Tragedy


Rohit Patra

Romance Tragedy

Oozing Love

Oozing Love

4 mins

It’s been a year and half

You’ve moved on but I’m still struck

It’s been that night where the light burnt

Of those fireflies and the dew on grass

Witnessed our fate and the pale rose

Tried to bloom once again

Alas! It was right

It was a different love between us

It’s been a year we don’t fight

We don’t talk like those nights

Where you used to wear that blue dress

And I was half naked looking at your eyes

Does he make you smile like that?

Do you call him baby?

Do you bite his ears when he’s

Near already?

Does he make you forget about me?

Does he talk shit about us?

Does he hold you when you’re right

Does he hug you when you’re wrong

Does he try to seduce your every curves

Does he love to look at your skin

Is he the only one you think about?

Am I the one to make you cry?

Am I the one to make you feel drowned?

Oh no I think I am just a dreamer

While you fall into his arms around

I hope it makes you feel warm

I hope it shows you a promise

I hope he does talk to some unknown

When its 2 and a half at night

I hope you’ll call him again and again

I hope he picks it up 

I hope you burn in pain when he says

“Hey baby? What’s up?”

I hope you’ll sort it out

I hope he says its just a friend

I hope when you yell at him

He shows you the door to damn

I hope he cheats on you

I hope you feel that agony 

I hope you feel the way I felt

While I was crying

I hope he comes back to you

And say baby I’m sorry

You want to kill him but 

You love him already

Will you say those words once you told me

Will you hug him again when he’s fadin’

Will you grab his hands and never let go?

Will you tell him about us and the rotten love 

We were desperately wanted so

Will you compare him to me

Like you did to me with your past

Will you show him his fault

Even when he’s trying to hold up

Will you burn his emotions down

When he’s fed up

Will you kiss his forehead 

Before the mess up?

I want to kill him bare handed

I want to smash his head

I want to show him your colours

I want to taste the blood of angony and hate

But I know he’s like a sun 

He’s great he’s fun

I hope you’ll die in pain and sorrow 

I hope you never ever see the tomorrow

I hope you feel the void for me

I hope you see the light beneath the road

I hope you see all the faces you burnt

I hope you hear the screams from beyond

I hope the nightmare grabs your neck

I hope you feel the remorse 

Crawling down your back

I hope you pick up the gun

The 9 mm mess your brain up

The red will cover the white matter

I hope you smoke weed when 

The world is heavier

I hope you miss me when 

He’s hanging out in a bar

With a lady you never knew

I hope he tells you she’s no one

Then he kisses her neck at once

You saw them on Instagram 

You asked again “Is she a friend John?”

I hope you feel the disgust 

Beneath your face the hate 

That made you blind about my love 

I hope it shows you hope 

But when its empty and cold 

You feel your skin torn apart 

By darkness and smoke

I wanted to kill you again and again

I hate myself for loving you the most

I wanted to make you happy

I waned to get you back

But I was wrong always

It’s not me the man you want

I hope you’re happy with him

I wish you both the best really

I wish you tell him you’re the one

I wish you forget about me

I wish you paint your walls

With black and white

I wish you cover the memories

Of me with endless lies

I wish he find out someday

I wish he hates more than me 

I wish he makes you cry 

Just the way you did to me

If the weed makes you numb

If the memories flooded your mind

If the fireflies tell you the story

Or the dew catch your tears 

The pale rose is still in my vase

I was too weak to overcome my fears

I want to hate you really 

I want to let you go

But I am addicted to you 

To the sick love I endorse

So if the light dies

Or the world comes to an end 

Or your midnight lover

Left you hanging in the middle

I’ll be standing beneath the light 

In a black dress at that round table

Waiting for you waiting to get 

Messed up get killed by you.

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