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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Of Simple Times ...

Of Simple Times ...

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Of simple times and not so long ago...

A tale I tell, of times simple and not so long ago,

When people valued and cherished friendship more,

When other achievement meant a proud moment,

When humanity walked the lanes,

And shadows of obsession lurked in the darkness.

What labor of love it was,

Lying in bed, with chill outside,

And reading books between sheets,

When a pen was an object of admiration,

To be filled with ink,

And deliciously carving the flow,

On coloring letter pages,

Letters were written to friends, lovers or acquaintance,

And the task of sealing it, putting a stamp,

And the joy of posting, as a job well is done,

Awaiting now for the ubiquitous postman,

Such delight in the simplest things.

Or lying in cool sheets,

During dry summer days,

Talking to friends on the phone,

Which had a pretentious place in the household,

No apps or gathering of likes,

No machines to clutter us with terminology unwanted,

Ironically the things which were meant to make things simpler,

Ended up by making us servants of the selfish God_

The God of false things and self-obsession,

Yet simple times I recall,

A rose is still a rose, call it by any name.

Long empty streets, people known to each other,

No hostility nor false patriotism,

An unsaid value imbibed, an etiquette carved in us,

No guns firing, by the whims of small minds,

Beauty in imperfections, but beauty nonetheless,

For all made unique by the Lord,

Such days of simplicity,

Not so long ago.

A tale of darkness and sunlight,

When sunlight beckoned its friend to come out of its cave,

And witness the glory of sunlight,

And when darkness asked its friend, to see the things in the darkness,

Sunlight saw nothing, for darkness in vain vanished,

Even in the most severe winter of our lives,

Cherish the promise of spring in each heart,

Let us know the simple times,

Not so long ago and yet a dream of the awakened minds.

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