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Srushti Gandhi

Abstract Inspirational


Srushti Gandhi

Abstract Inspirational

Never Ending Race

Never Ending Race

2 mins 442 2 mins 442

When everything seems to be fair, 

Life seems to be best, 

But when real enjoyment fails,

Life seems to be a dare.

When you are on dark side of the moon,

One day it shows bright side of the moon,

It depends on how you face,

For someone glass is half filled and for someone glass it is half empty.

Adventure and risk are part of it,

Everything seems to be impossible without that.

If you win then it gives you fruit, if you lose it gives you a chance,

But if you are scared, Then you are dead.

It shows how to play, if you cheat,

It shows how to play, if you cheat,

In middle of the game, you are check and mate,

It shows not to play blindly,

But to be the part of your own talent, Honesty and politeness is the main aim.

Introduce yourself to the world,

Otherwise they will introduce to them,

Never lose or miss opportunities,

Or it will leave you alone.

When you start a race, it won’t stop unless you win or lose,

But when you fail to win the race,

Sometimes you fail your heart, lose your hope.

It shows you your mistakes,

But when you understand it’s too late.

Till the time you rectify them, everyone wins their grace, you yourself lose your grace,

This how life plays with you like a race.

Attitude over Gratitude makes you a fool,

Life pulls you down, 

But hard-work and passion leads to success,

Life makes you happy.

Never mind lose or win,

But fails to win,

It shows you a new way,

Follow the path, try win the game but never stop,

As it’s a never ending race.

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