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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Mysterious Mary Celeste

Mysterious Mary Celeste

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The crew aboard the big ship of 'Dei Gratia',

Spotted something in the sea near the coastlines of America;

When near at hand, they saw it to be a ship out of control,

New yet haggard it looked, but with no flag on its shiny pole.

Doubt filled the nervous sailors as they read the name 'Mary Celeste',

They called out loudly in the fog as for pirating they had no haste;

At last gathering courage they steered neat the ship's verge,

They were commanded to plunder the ship at the captain's urge.

Some jumped over and some crossed via boards and cord,

But to their greatest surprise there was not a single soul on board;

Deck to rooms and rooms to cabins, they checked all thoroughly,

Finding no one anywhere, they took it to be a strange mystery.

On entering a great hall, they found burnt-out coals on the hearth,

The center-table laden with half-eaten food, was clean without any dirt;

They glanced around and saw pictures of the pirate Blackbeard,

Just then a shrill cry of pain their alert ears heard.

They ran and hurried at a terrific pace to the spot,

And found one of their cabin boy, through his head shot;

They knew for certain that it was an ill-fated ship,

Possessed surely by evil, the eerie place gave a creep.

They shrieked and left the ship in a hurry and soon they were afar,

Unusual thing; no-one on board with no signs of any war;

"Never shall it be heard of again," some said so too,

But forever will be remebered the unforgettable year of 1872.

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