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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amit Kumar

Drama Romance


Amit Kumar

Drama Romance

My Sweet Old Wife

My Sweet Old Wife

3 mins 211 3 mins 211

I was a bachelor and testing the sweet taste of my 1st job

So happy to live my own life far away from my home

My earning of monthly salary is giving me the freedom to enjoy my smoking in an open place

Allow me to take small drinks with my friends as just a new adult

Life is great and charming 

My duty sometimes bothering me

As it is against my freestyle life.

Balancing my emotions of love and life is challenging,

Hormonal disturbance knocking me from the back door.

But my maturity is strong enough to handle both my emotions and style.

Life was easy and simple

My father decided to knot me with a girl of his choice.

No rights, left for me to speak against my godfather

I surrender - 

My wife is completely unknown to me.

My married life is fresh with a smell like freshly baked bread.

My wife is adjusting herself in her new life.

No one is showing attitude with originality.

But bubbles are bursting silently and return to originality within no time

My wife slowly taking charge and me in the mode of discharging.

Graph of charging is high and rapid

Slowly realised that better to surrender but my ego hurts me many time.

I compromised after attending the full-time course of  relationship management.

I reached to my middle age,

My family is full-grown and manifesting with a new flavour, 

I am busy with my work and also holding my family as a financial asset.

All fine and it's like enjoying waves inside the sea without knowing swimming.

My wife is now my house administrator and treasurer by default.

I am a member core committee in my house and the most junior member is my 10 years old daughter.

My voice is gentle all the time as high pitched voice is not allowed.

I was a stylish person and loved to keep dresses in my wardrobe.

Now my wife is deciding which one is the best choice for me.

She is giving my dress code for my office and my party.

She is glueing my family all the time.

I built my organization brick to brick to get the best results.

My wife built my home to live with peace and harmony.

We fight for small reasons and to create some meaning out of it.

But as defeat is fixed for me, it's nice to remember.

I am now master of balancing,

Work and life, a role model for others,

Doctorate for switching off my office hangover before entering my home.

I am not sure whether I am enjoying or compromising.

I am now carrying dual personality,

Rough and tough in my office and soft and sweet at home.

I am sometimes impatient at work and no scope at home.

I love varieties of food and keen to taste.

But having many restrictions at home but not sure what kind of disease I am having.

I love to enjoy my holidays in a hill station but sea beach is now the best choice.

How it's life and followed the best standard of living.

One fine morning, I found myself with many grey hairs, many wrinkles in my face.

Am I really old now? 

Losing my strength and vision of life.

My wife is not so busy now and enough time to spend with me.

She is cool and in a compromising mood.

I slowly return to my old days but in old age.

Me and my wife both are living with a hope that someone may visit us to break our loneliness.

Life is interesting and gives opportunity to enjoy if you know the art of living.

Now me and my wife living in an old age home.

She is now a simple and loving wife.

No ego, no complex. living with her best partner with full of joy and happiness.

I enjoy my full authority as husband and easily force her to follow my world.

She is dependent and more caring for me.

I really feel proud of my old father for a great choice.

I am still confused -

Whether an arranged marriage or love marriage is best for me.

But love at old age is really divine.

No hormonal influence, pure love.

My sweet wife, truly a champion of life.

I love my sweet wife, only when she is old and young for me.

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