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Alkesh Kapoor

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My Stolen Diamonds

My Stolen Diamonds

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It was night

I went to the balcony of my house

It was silent

I looked at the sky 

My stars were not there

And moon half not here

I got shocked that

Where are they

Have they got kidnapped? 

I searched for them everywhere 

From top to front of my house

But they are not here 

Have they got kidnapped? 

I got sad and went to my mother

To help me out from this big blunder

I asked her where are my diamonds

That shine in the night sky... 

She smiled at me

And took me to the balcony

I wondered what is happening 

She said that the stars are here with you

But neither you 

Nor they can see you

Between is the pollution that makes it difficult to see

I asked her that now how can I see 

The diamonds I love

She said let's remove it

Make the air clean

And surroundings green

Waste in the dustbin only

And plant more trees 

Save trees, save paper and life 

Trees too have feelings 

If you only recognize 

I understood what she said 

But it was now time to go to bed

From the next day 

Spread awareness I said

And planted trees to make the air clean 

As the days passed on 

Soon pollution was gone 

I was standing at my balcony 

With my diamonds there 

As passing smile to me

They thanked me for my help

Said because of me they are well

I smiled at them back

And went to sleep.

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