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meennaakshi Singh

Abstract Inspirational Others


meennaakshi Singh

Abstract Inspirational Others

My Rakhi Breathes

My Rakhi Breathes

1 min 6 1 min 6

Landline was like a landmine

its ringing was very welcome 

yet at times unwelcomed too.

Pushing through the chores

heart leaving like sophomore 

she grabbed the shriller vein

it wasn't in vain

Bhavya! I'm coming didi.

Brother's voice clear and stark

after two years he's coming

a thousand watts want through her

cleaning, clearing, setting and mending

cooking took the center satge

between the chores

creased out the lines and contours

with worry and burden of woman's life 

taken a big whole

of her freedom, her laughter and space.

Sleep elusive, weariness gone.

beads though, through her locks shine.

yet her contained maturity did not spill

yet the thoughts drifted over the sill

how he looked, 

must be lean

must be tired

must be mature

must be missing home

all through the day twenty-four gone

night was long and tiring

morning rejuvenated, energy

encircled enshrining sister's love.

more than score

she was at the door

at times pushing the clocks arms

here's were waiting and it was tiring.

As the early afternoon crept, 

her child had slept, 

a knock on the door knocked her heart

torpedoed her frame to rip it open

tears rolling yet they were frozen.

HE clung to her as she to her heart bore

a brother with a limb no more.

Her miseries and anxieties minuscule

dragon doll emerged with a gutsy lore

I'm proud, our country proud.

My rakhi is still breathing

whereas many have their last bled.

Tears flowing, nothing more they said.

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