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meennaakshi Singh



meennaakshi Singh


Unsistered Love

Unsistered Love

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I write this today, the last day in our courtyard;

I had not measured the yards of sweat and toil spent,

Rather treasured yards of memories created with you.

Your victories then lay in climbing tallest, Mango, Guava

Jumping over the sturdy Loquats.

Safely swollen scraggy Jacks brought down.

Your detours; Summer couldn’t deter

Nor could the rainy soaked boughs saboteur.

Lolling on the grasses,

teasing the frogs, spurting at the butterflies,

Chasing the wet-winged dragonflies.

Life was full, laughter was real.

You had dreams, you left;

 Baba left. We all left.

Maa was left behind.

Flutters, chirps, twitters, into that void crept.

These noises were her life.

They breathed and steamed love.

Ramshackle paradises

Danced when the mighty boughs swung in agony as

Anemoi spewed around.

Still, Eos smiled.

Today, even they to accept this oblivion new found.

Today there is terrorizing calm around.

 Choppers and chisels are making round.

Cold pavers, concrete, and iron surround.

Tomorrow will be sorry, as sorrow abounds

Grey cold stoned earth with verdure all down.

We all be gone; more will still be left behind.

Chain this murderous streak’s dart.

Stop! If you can. Oracles to your heart.

You planted them, sowed them,

Rejoiced their first fruits and flowers

Ecstasy of blossoms shower.

 Will your nature now nurture maim?

Through my words in blistering pain.

Think about your losses in this gain.

Your sister, now un(sistered)

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