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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Manu Devassia

Romance Inspirational


Manu Devassia

Romance Inspirational

My Love Through Scary Nights

My Love Through Scary Nights

2 mins

In ill health and weakness, 

My love for you grows limitless.

With every hopeless chemo experience, 

I struggle to keep my heart beating for you.

Though my health may weaken,

My love for you will never fade.

You, my dear, are the ray of light

That leads me through this dark shade.


I see the gleam of fear in your weak eyes,

But know that I am stronger within than ever.

With you and you alone by my side, 

I can face a storm that comes along.

Alas! My breath can't pay you for your selfless love.

It's your heart that keeps me going, 

And makes me walk through the scary nights.

And it's your smile that makes my days ahead worth living.


The throb in my heart is uncertain, 

But your love is my beacon of hope.

It's your love...only love that I know 

Will never shake or fade, even if tempted.

I'll hold your firm hand and bravely walk 

Through my dark nights fearless together.

With you, my love, I believe 

I can conquer my approaching fears.


I cherish every moment with you -

Every kiss, every touch, and every dream

For they mean a lot more to me than medicines.

Fear not and cry not! I won't be far;

You will feel me in every gentle breeze.

I shall remember not to carry my heart along.

Though a soul, keep me alive in your heart.

Let me never leave you, forever, until eternity.

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