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Simple Honey

Simple Honey

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Her skin glows even when the sun isn't around.

It melts when I stare for too long like a calm river of melanin flowing down her face,

But it is the first sight of them pearly whites glossing in front of my eyes that gets me going.

It's like walking outside when the sun is at its highest peak blinding my eyes, but I cannot resist its excellence, its beauty.

Her hands are soft like rose petals caressing against my chest.

I can feel my body jump in excitement from her gentle touch.

So close, but so far I wondered as I sat across the room getting lost in the rhythmic movements of her lips.

What might it feel like if they rested upon mine?

Even in the dim moments of silence, her mind spoke so loudly, but I didn't mind.

Staring in her eyes while my heart's doing back-flips.

I'm nervous, but calm from our fingers being twined.

The moment she pulled me closer that's when I knew I was alive.

Feeling every inch of her, my veins were floating inside.

Blood rushing to my thighs.

I shout in my head: I want to be brave and not so shy!

But my anxiety gets me every time.

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