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Crashing Hard

Crashing Hard

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She said she wanna be the one for me.

She said she wanna ride my wave,

But I don't think she's ready for this sea.

She said she know what it's like to be brave.

That in love, she believes,

But I don't think she understands how it can make you a slave

She said she knows that it sounds naive.

She said with me her heart doesn't know how to behave,

But I don't think she can handle all of the emptiness she'll feel when it's time to grieve.

She said she can't help it, that I'm all that she craves.

She said she'll wear her heart on her sleeve,

But with such soft words, tears was all she gave.

She said she'd stop pushing if it meant I wouldn't leave.

She said with a lump in her throat, will you please come out of your cave,

But I was already so deep down below I could barely breathe.

She said love is one not to fear, it is your own mind trapping you in your grave.

I wanted to reach out and grab her hand, but I could not see.

Her tear began to dry as she smiled, saying good-bye, leaving me with one last hand gesture, a wave.

That was the moment I realized I'd be the death of me.

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