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Krishna Priya Ganti

Drama Inspirational


Krishna Priya Ganti

Drama Inspirational

My Inspiration? My Mirror…

My Inspiration? My Mirror…

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With each night caressing me into a deep slumber

Healing the wounds, many a number,

Every morning I rise like a phoenix,

Though with unfulfilled dreams, I remember.

My own reflections I ponder upon

In the blissful morning sky,

Which offer me a new ray of hope

From all the gloomy nights.

With the powerful sun playing a riot of colour

Bringing out life in all its splendour

Teasing me for the unaccomplished tasks,

Which certainly outnumber

Who am I supposed to look up to?

When deep within there is much to look for.

With the gentle breeze blowing on me,

With every hot sip touching my lip,

I pull together every thread to weave a new story,

Which can bring me nothing but glory.

If the woman in me rushes with desire

The mother in me hushes the fire.

Balancing both the worlds, in duality I exist,

Striving to redefine myself and desiring to be desired.

Drawing inspiration from my own self

I gather courage to accomplish the tasks ahead

If this day too passes without a success

Thou shall not deter, as another day lies ahead.

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