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Siddhi Bhattad

Romance Children


Siddhi Bhattad

Romance Children

My first love

My first love

1 min 112 1 min 112

My life changed when you helped me one day. 

Your name was in my every say. 

Wherever I looked, my eyes caught you. 

But talking to you was one in a blue..

16th December was the day, you confessed. 

I just changed the topic and blushed at my best. 

When I stood beside you, they said we make an adorable pair. 

While going the other way, you wanted me to look at you and flip my hair. 

Handed you my life's first love letter. 

And your smile after reading it made it even better. 

Gazing into your eyes, I always lost myself. 

You bade your bad habits for me and changed yourself. 

I used to chat with you hiding from my family. 

You were so caring, possessive and romantic effortlessly. 

But things ended bitterly, you changed, I moved on ! Phew ! 

You still live in my memories but alas ! I don't miss you ! 

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