sushil kumar gochhayat

Drama Tragedy


sushil kumar gochhayat

Drama Tragedy

Male Prostitute(Reality)

Male Prostitute(Reality)

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People hate prostitutes,

But knock the door

In the darkness of night

To prove their virility,

To prove their lewdness.

People disdain the prostitutes,

But never forget

To acquire perceivable happiness

And pay money to seal the mouth of society,

And the prostitute without any ambiguity

Renders her everything

With all sincerity to earn her living.

Yes, people blame her,

People abhor her,

But people never confess

They are male prostitutes,

Who never demand money,

Who satisfy themselves

With different fleshes throwing the money.

Yes, people never confess,

We never confess that

We are male prostitutes,

In darkness,

We search for fleshes,

In darkness ,

We show our barbarity,

In darkness,

We become treacherous to our

Better halves,

We become animals for the society.

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