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Sriprata Sriram



Sriprata Sriram


Magic Of life

Magic Of life

2 mins

I am seven years old

Having a plate of fries and cake

And trying really hard to comprehend

What is this man performing

At my best friend's birthday party.

I gasp as he pulls out a little cute rabbit

Out of that tiny hat on his head

At that moment i hold my breath and say


am fourteen years old

Dangling my feet off my verandah

I keep switching the songs on my i-pod recklessly

Then it hits me hard and i

Like a hopeless opium addict

Carve for more Bollywood tunes.

I put the song on replay and close my eyes

I hold my breath and say


I am twenty-one years old,

Currently experiencing the entitlement of being

A college fresher.

Dreaming about my future,

Having a good set of people around,

Enjoying life like there is no

Tomorrow and calming

My breadth down I say


am twenty-eight years old,

Enjoying a well-paying dream job,

After a hectic work schedule,

I hold a cup of hot expresso

And stand by the counter

In the office cafeteria.

He walks in a formal white shirt

Switched so perfectly,

Our eyes meet across the room,

I hold my breath and say,


I am thirty-five years old,

In a country far away from mine,

For the sake of my job,

I imagine how different it would have been,

If I didn’t have the courage to take risks

And make compromises

To follow what my passion calls for,

 looking up at the starry night sky,

Is strange yet beautiful.

With these million thoughts running in my mind,

I hold my breath and say


I am rather old now,

Right now the jet black clouds

Are having few strands of silver lining.

Now I enjoy Vedas and bhajans more.

Spending every evening in the temple courtyards.

Looking eagerly for family dinners

And Carnatic concerts. Life happened

So quickly that I almost forgot to be grateful.

Once again looking back at those memories,

I smile and say


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