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Sadhana B

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Sadhana B

Inspirational Others Children

Lost In Memory

Lost In Memory

2 mins 217 2 mins 217

Lost in time,

Weaved with memories,

It was but an old house.

Where every inch is filled 

With memories..................

After a long time reached there.

Where I spent my entire childhood childhood.

That garden where every plant 

Has a lot of memories.

Some planted on a birthday.

And some were planted along with my Grandmother.

Those times were amazing.

That swing attached in between plants was my favorite spot.

Neverending talks, counting stars, seeing the moon, birds, and listening to granny stories, And sleeping there.

But the surprising issue was I used to be on the bed in my room when I woke up.

Celebrating festivals was an awesome memory, shopping with grandma, mummy, decorating the entire house, sweets fragrance everywhere .and new clothes .aww trying before festival nearly 10 times...

That TV now filled with entire dust,

But it was my most favorite. The first time when I saw that, I was very scared of new people, fights, etc....

Slowly started watching Tom &Jerry 

Which became my favorite.....

I moved towards my Room

Every corner has something to say.

Filled with dust, covering memories.

That trunk was full of toys, but they were saying stories of my childhood.

Where I used to collect new toys.

There was one of my favorite teddy bears,it was thrice bigger than me.

I use to sleep on that, boxing with it.

And telling stories to it.....

The study table was filled with paint, crayons, my scrapbooks, notebooks.

How silly was my childhood writing, and still the teacher gave me good compliments on many pages?

Aww, now tears staring rolling from my eyes, when I saw that old album.

Omg, How many memories were locked in that Album.

I starting moving towards the kitchen

Where every day I used to smell

Yummy dishes, prepared by mom.

Wow, those days were just awesome.

Locking them all, with teary eyes I stepped out of the house, and that street was filled with noises of birds,I remembered that games we used to play till late nights, those days were Awesome.

I wish I could go back and live those moments again...

I really miss those times.......where no regret for the past, no worry for the future.

Only enjoying every moment.and making thousands of memories...

Love those times and miss them a lot too

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