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Gagan Pathre

Abstract Action Others


Gagan Pathre

Abstract Action Others

Life Sucks

Life Sucks

2 mins

This is the first day of my messed life

Waving back at the friends and said wish I could've got some more time

Let it be, it has happened to me

Now can you get some more wine.

I thought it was a journey beautiful

But it was a perfect lie

I guess I've stepped on a cross

And I can't raise my voice.

This is the second day of my crap life

Summoning your name for help

Unaware of that you can't fly

Syringes on the arms are bleeding

I don't care I just wanna yell and cry.

I thought that it would be real

I hoped for something wow

I got defrauded by mirror

Counted on an echoed vow.

Here comes the third of my bad life

Growling in the neck and it doesn't seem anything but the fight

I beg for more space 'cuz I don't want to burn in that fire

Get me out of this system or I'll destroy this whole into slice.

I messed with everyone and everyone was too into that

I missed those one more time to integrate my back

Now its the last day of my first life

It's party time after all this, I've just got a chance to die

Leaving behind all the love and care I just wanna say goodbye

I never had faith in you and now you've got to do the same

Back at the end of every piece I've left a note inside.

Understand, it can't define the person I've been in my life

Heavy head and empty pockets roaming on the streets till I lied

Soaking through the blackness I'm heading towards my alibi

Saddened by the colors freeze before they were about to fly.

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