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Amit Kumar



Amit Kumar


Life after death

Life after death

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Oh God, let me know what is my punishment after death ,

Am I so bad choice for you

May I ask you what are my bad work for which , waiting for your red eyes,

My life is full of pain , what I can do if you don't give wealth to spend,

I may have done some things wrong for my survival, 

I have shown cruelity to some innocents

Am I by birth a born criminal or circumstances have chaged me 

My desire never fulfill as your gift then, how it has created in my mind

I dream for a small shelter home for my family

I dream 2 meals for my family

I dream 1 set clothes for my family

I dream a bottle of milk for my son

I dream a bottle of drinking water

I dream some medicine when we sick

No God come to me , I only pray for helping me

Then , I feel like self created God and have power to get things as I wish

I never have peace of mind

Not enough for me , 

as punishment ?

who is responsible for my act like God,  you or me

Now I am in my death bed

waiting for your presence to take me in your world

I am excited to know which gate will be opened for me to enter in your world

But what gift you will give to me when I donate my blood for sick

When I donate my labour for the relief of the flood victims

I saved many when the building was in fire and all who are helpless

I saved the accident victims who are breathing last breath in road

I share my food when someone is hungry

I heard that God gives punishment for rebirth and freedom to those who are good in their life

I am happy to leave another life 

I like to offer my next life for the betterment of humanity

God bless me and pardon me for all my bad work.

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