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Delhi Bijaya Laxmi

Abstract Drama Others


Delhi Bijaya Laxmi

Abstract Drama Others

Just A Remembrance

Just A Remembrance

2 mins 46 2 mins 46

Twenty-fifth March of two thousand eighteen

was the most enchanting day ;

for we picked you as my son’s

partner in life as a wife

that bind you with us together

with the chain of ‘ MARRIAGE’

under the umbrella of ‘Family Bonding’

That was the day;

of ecstasy and rejoice;

when you hugged me and called me

‘attaya’ with your soft soothing voice

Being daughterless, I thanked God

umpteen times for sending you

as a precious gift as my son’s life partnership

and tied up with me with a new bonding

as a mother and daughter relationship

I always prayed almighty

to drop the word ‘in-law’ from the

words daughter-in-law and mother-in-law

and bind us with the chain of

mother and daughter together

for ever and ever

If by chance there comes a day;

When we can’t be together

Keep me in some corner of your heart

I will stay there for ever

You are the daughter

we received from heaven by God the day

you wed my son I can say

and we just want to convey

you our heartfelt thanks

for the love and happiness you gave

to my son with your cute

loud laughs and naughty pranks

Since your arrival into my life

both at times of pleasure and pain

you were there

and make me feel from inside

how much you really care

Though I may not compliment

You for the things you do

but I can say that

I am ‘Richly blessed’ having

a daughter-in-law like you

Highly grateful to god for

blessing you from the day

you start your life with us

you occupied a place as

‘daughter in our hearts’

than a daughter-in-law

This poem is a special gift

as a reflection of my feelings for you

to keep me close to your heart

and to remind you of our

inseparable bonding that

should never break into parts

Dedicated to my daughter-in-law, NAVYA

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