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Gagan Pathre

Tragedy Fantasy Others


Gagan Pathre

Tragedy Fantasy Others

In The Church

In The Church

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I'm standing in the church

Holding poison with the handcuffs

A conversation that I want to make

Is nowhere I could find it.

Rested on the bench first

Past whirling all over

Every second's getting more blur

The silence is only I hear.

Candles burning beside you

I'm one of them too

I want to tell the truth

You just focus on my words.

Last night was the time when

I was shocked by her corpse

She was a simple girl 

With someone else graved within her.

You were aware of what she was wondering

But you don't care about anything

She was finding her helpless

So she approached you to be blessed.

She was smothered enough

By the words that they bled

The pain was the only to love

She stores few joy for her last breath.

She made the actions 

Eventually was getting ignored

Away from the devastation

Closer to the deadly storm.

Let me break the curtains down

Mislead the errors towards frown

She is linked to what I did on the ground

Now, this is all that you know.

But the fact is...

She was sitting by my side 

Trying to make me understand 

The situation that was blind

And I overlooked her, just like the others.

I was the one on whom she had faith

Well, I made a massive mistake

I took her too much brave but

Many of us do live tilted.

I have no clue of what I did to her

But I'm her slayer.

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