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Naseha Sameen

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Naseha Sameen

Abstract Drama Tragedy

Ceaseless Loop

Ceaseless Loop

1 min

Like a clock work of galactic dimension

Days changed for another day, year for another

Each night following footprints of the previous

Hardy a shade different than the other

Trapped in the glass hour, to decant and filled again

Swishing sand filled the ears, screaking void surrounds

Life moves on, yet is static, feet sunk deep into the dark swamp

An illusion run amok on the streets, rivers or over the mounds

Hollow rings the temple bells, sadness in carols,

The emptiness of muezzin call from the lofty minaret

The charade of happiness, the tears of treachery

Wingless Dreams breathing their last in the typic’s net

Same people, same faces, same memoir in endless loop of trite life

The impasse time, waiting to handcuff the incessant cycle of dread.

I ran away, I ran away to the safety of unknown, a stranger

I hid amongst the unknown faces, to the bizarre lands I fled

The strings of fate have brought me back again, to the very lanes

To look into the eyes of the pain, that I ran endlessly to hide

To stand up, to find my voice, to face my fear, to fight till the end

Accept the fate, savor the taste, good or bad with humility and pride

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