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Ice & Fire Dance

Ice & Fire Dance

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Like a storm on the horizon

A wintry chill takes a hold of me

Fog on my breath

My breathing quickens as I run

And I hear branches snapping

From the tall and ancient trees.

I see the mounting sea of ice on trees

I beg for freedom though his chill is invigorating

Each and every sense and feeling inside of me

My king, I rise to meet my majesty

Blanket me in the snows of your

Timeless winter

I’ll be the fire in your heart

If you'll be the exhilarating ice

Racing through my veins

I will be your queen of flames

If you will be the one

To reclaimed my fires

The touch of his hand

Brings me pleasure

And brings me pain

The brush of his wrist

Extinguishes the light of day

He fills his enemies’ lungs with ice

Oh, The Ice King,

My lover hiding in the shadows

Master of winter

Drawn to the dancing lights

Of my ardent flames

A castle of sparkling crystal and icy glass

Eternal and perpetual

Waging love on the battlefield of the sun and moon

Forever entwined on the bed of fire and ice

You are mine

And I will forever be yours

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